Are Your Quarterly Strategic Priorities Aligned?

I saw this tweet from Peter Voogd and it is spot on!

“If you have more than 3 priorities this week you have NONE. #Focus”

The same thing is true for your current quarter, next quarter, and the next year. 

1 Year Goals, or Big Rocks, should be limited to 3.

Your Quarterly Strategic Priorities (no more than 3) should move you toward your 1 Year Goals. 

Your 1 Year Goals should align with and be moving you toward your longer term goals, like your 3HAG, 3-5 Year Strategic Moves, and your BHAG. 

Maybe this sounds simple and straightforward, but >80% of businesses who even have 1 Year and longer term goals do not have Quarterly Strategic Priorities that align with and move them toward these goals. 

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