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What Are You Tracking?

I once had a prospective client send me a 47 page KPI* report. Yeah, if that didn’t get your attention,…

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Archery Target with an arrow and holes all over

The Biggest Content Marketing Challenge for Small Businesses

This question came through on HARO (help a reporter out): “What content marketing challenges or limitations do small businesses have…

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OSHA Mandate on Hold

From the Private Practice Section of the APTA as of Nov. 10, 2021   As you know, OSHA recently released…

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The Biggest Mistake Companies Make in Customer Experience

The biggest mistake companies make in Customer Experience is trying to be like everyone else. As a smaller business, when…

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Watering the plant

How Can Business Mentoring Change Lives?

This is a question posed on Quora and my answer was requested. Here’s my answer… I am taking this as…

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