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April Newsletter- Employee Expectations, Marketing, Money Numbers and more

Setting Employee ExpectationsForbes asked for transparent ways to set expectations for employees. Guess who was #1 of the 13 suggestions…

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You Are Great at That Thing You Do! But What About Business?

If you are like most business owners… If you are like most business owners, you launched your business because you…

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March Newsletter

After erasing the first edition of this update when it was 98% complete (UGH! ), I am back at it…

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'Worth' highlighted, under 'Value'

4 Quick Tips on Writing a great Blog Post or Article Introduction

76.8% of articles start weakly and lose the reader’s attention! Try these four foolproof methods for grabbing your reader’s attention:…

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You Survived! Now What?

March is back, which means you’ve survived a year of Covid-19. It has been tragic for many, and there have…

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