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Should You Work on Your Weaknesses?

Throughout school we are taught to work on our weaknesses. We’re told that the weakest link in the chain is…

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Multi-Tasking is Really Switch Tasking

If you think you get more done through multi-tasking, you may be in for a shock! But it’s a great…

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What Questions Do You Ask?

Do you have a framework to make decisions? Or do you take each one as it comes? If you had…

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Prioritizing (& getting your to do list under control in 4 days)

Have you ever wondered how some people get a lot more done than other people? Since we all have essentially…

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Interview with Dr. Jarod Carter

On January 10 I was fortunate enough to interview Dr. Jarod Carter, the well-known cash-based physical therapist. Dr. Carter shares…

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