Episode 3 with Bill Gallagher

Episode 3 of the Focus Forward Business Podcast, featuring Bill Gallagher is out!

Bill has over 40 years of experience running, growing, and overcoming challenges in business.

Beginning when he was 10 years old and figuring out how to sell Boy Scout tickets to tourists who had no chance of attending events they were buying the tickets to, he has been on a journey through several industries, and faced — and overcome — a myriad of challenges.

Through Bill’s stories, and an unparalleled willingness to share, he challenges us, lifts us, and helps us know that we are not alone on our own entrepreneurial journeys.

I hope you enjoy Bill’s insights and stories in Episode 3, available for download on Libsyn and iTunes.

All episodes are available here on Libsyn.

Or on iTunes here.

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