Hire For Fit

Sooki is a happy little elephant who likes to dance. As he is wandering alone in the jungle a parrot stops him to make fun of his big ears, long nose, and wrinkled skin. Sooki inspects himself in a pond and finds that he does in fact have a long nose, big ears and saggy, wrinkled skin. But he is kind and friendly and tries making friends with some other animals. Each of these animals tells him how he looks funny and does not measure up to their standards. Some ridicule and make fun of him. One even wants to hurt him. When he has given upsaggy-baggy-elephant hope of fitting in with any of the other animals, he retreats to a cave.

Alone and crying in the cave, a hungry lion sneaks up to try and eat him. At that moment there is a thundering and shuddering of the ground. A herd of dancing elephants scare off the lion and peak into the cave to see little Sooki crying. They ask him what is wrong, why is he so upset. He shares that he looks funny, has saggy skin, likes to dance but has no friends. One of the big elephants shares with Sooki that they, too, have saggy skin and like to dance. They are happy together and invite Sooki to join them. Sooki gladly does, having found his fit.

You have a tribe of dancing, happy elephants in your business. And if you don’t, you might want to consider starting to build one. There are Sookis out there looking for your tribe. How are you letting them know you are there and want them to join you?


You can get The Saggy Baggy Elephant to share with your team and maybe even some candidates.


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