How a Sticky Culture Can Help Prevent Burnout

Nearly every business and practice owner I talk to is thinking about how to keep their best employees and most are also looking to attract more of them (they want to hire).

I gave talks on Creating a Sticky Culture at both the California PT Conference and the California OT Conference over the last month. In both cases, everyone stayed after the talk to ask questions and hear what others were thinking. Everyone. That shows me the topic is super important, not just to employers, but employees as well.

The thing I heard repeatedly was a concern about burnout. Even a student asked about preventing burnout.

From my perspective and experience, I think burnout comes from 2 places. 1, a lack of appreciation and control. And 2, a lack of connection to your Purpose.

So, what to do?

Let’s take them in reverse order.

For number 2, a lack of connection to your Purpose, the answer is right there. Reconnect with your Purpose. Simple. Not easy.

So, what you can do today, right now, is think about WHY you entered into your chosen career, WHY you started a business, and WHY you continue on.

Please note, it’s not for money alone. If it were, you’d be in investment banking or commodities trading. There is something more to WHY you do what you do. And the same thing is true for your team.

Try these 2 things.

Get reconnected with your Purpose. Write it down.

Have conversations with your team. Ask each of them, one on one, why they chose to do what they are doing. Ask them to write it down. And share with them what you’ve written.

Start weaving this into the fabric of your organization. Use it. Make it come alive. Working for a Purpose is one great way to help overcome burnout.

For number 1, a lack of appreciation and control, you are in the driver’s seat. Your team needs to feel appreciated. And more pay is not the only way, it’s not even the best way. 

You have more control than you think.

Your team wants to be recognized, respected, and valued for what they do.

One great way to do that is to tell stories. Yeah, but what kind? Tell the stories of their clients’, patients’, customers’ successes. Shine a light on them.

Need an example?

By getting a handle on his cost per visit and taking action, Marc doubled his annual profit while decreasing his team’s volume of work by 10%.

By making small changes to his job posting, describing the candidate first and connecting with them, and outlining the benefits they’ve worked hard to develop and provide, he went from no candidates for months and months to 4 qualified candidates in a 2-week period.

Telling stories like these and tying it back to who they worked with and more about the struggles they overcame will reflect back on your team, deepening their connection to Purpose and making them feel good about their contributions.

And employees who feel appreciated, valued, and connected with their Purpose stick around. Not only that, sharing these stories will attract more great team members who aren’t getting that where they are now.

Try it and let me know how it goes.

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