March Newsletter

After erasing the first edition of this update when it was 98% complete (UGH! 😡), I am back at it with good stuff to share. I hope you find these items valuable and useful in your life and business. And if you ever have suggestions or topics you would like covered, just send me an email and I’ll get it added in a future newsletter.

Women Millionaires Online
Being yourself online can have big payoffs. Shlomit Tassa writes about the inspiring rise of women millionaires online in Is the Internet Feminist?

Are you spending time and money on marketing? Uber did and found they made a $100,000,000.00 mistake! If you are spending on marketing or thinking about it, you will want to read How Your Business Can Benefit from Uber’s $100 Million Marketing Mistake.

Is your business reaching its full potential?
If, like most business owners, your answer is “not really”, then check out The 12 Focus Forward Pillars Online Course.
You need to protect time to work ON your business. This course gives you the organized content to do so in a sequence that builds upon each preceding part. The results will be more time for you, more money coming in, improved order and structure, and a business you are excited to go into on Monday mornings.
The course is offered at a ridiculously low price (so everyone can access it – no excuses). And there is a 7-day free trial. Check it out. You have nothing to lose!

Free Learning and Connection
In the last week and a half, if you are a member of the very exclusive Focus Forward Business Group on Facebook, you may have seen videos on marketing, tracking your metrics, and 2 Facebook Lives, one with Jesse Lewis in DC, and one with Karen Litzy in NY. We discussed challenges they are facing in their businesses. This is a great group where you can learn from others. Get in there and check out the videos and links to help you with your business. And everybody likes free, so it’s all free!

Here’s hoping Spring comes soon to you!


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