How Do You Do Meetings?

Here are some ideas to liven up your meetings and maybe get better engagement from my friend President at Artisan Creative.

Just remember your meeting must have an objective, a desired outcome, and it must have an agenda to stay on track. And if you’re including people who are not decision makers, or have critical information for those decisions, ask yourself if they can be updated in writing, following the meeting.

“Some innovative companies have found that fresh and powerful insights can emerge when they challenge conventional notions of how meetings are conducted and bring people together by holding different meeting formats.”

4 Effective Meeting Formats

If you’re struggling with meeting schedules (why, what, and how many & often) for your direct reports and managers, we’ve created a simple worksheet to list and calculate all your meeting times, frequencies, and importance so you can use your time efficiently and get more done.

Check it out here:

Recurring Meeting Calculator and Time Budgeting

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