Money Matters

Money Matters. Or does it?

How does money matter?

Another phrase from my Idea Diary (see Who Are You?) is “Profit is the applause you get for taking care of your customers and creating a motivating environment for your people.” I like that concept. There is gratitude inherent in that idea, both from, and to, the people you serve. And we need profit in order to invest in and grow our businesses to serve more people.

We get focused on money in business. It is necessary. It is a tool. We sometimes set dollar amounts as goals. But is money really a goal? Is it the most important goal? Or is it something that allows you to do the thing that is your goal? A tool to achieve and contribute to your goals? A tool is neither good nor evil. How it is used may be. But just like how it is used, what it is used for is probably the thing we should be most focused on.

So, as you enter this new year, or really at any time, take a look at your strategic objectives, your goals. If they include a dollar (or pound, yen, lucre, whatever) amount, why? What is it you wish to achieve with that? That is your real goal and how you should measure progress and success.

2 thoughts on “Money Matters”

  1. Good timing for this email!

    I have found when I am intentional about work/business goals, and specific, and realistic, they have been met. Last year I had an ambitious list and shared them with peers, and now see they were met.

    I have not set specific goals for 2017 yet, and this email was the trigger to do that for myself and my business.

    I also am going to meet with all my staff one on one in January, to discuss their goals, and the goals we have for them.

  2. Thank you Sturdy for another thoughtful reminder of remembering the *Why *of *What *we do! I really value your insight and experience that helps me bring it all back to each of our unique Values. These values are a better barometer for our practices than metrics which we can’t necessarily control.

    Tony Pazzaglia, PT, DPT,OCS,ATC *Creating Happiness Through Health!* *Doctor of Physical Therapy* *Boar**d Certified Clinical Specialist* *CEO**Terrapin Physical Therapy, Inc.* 5 Harris Court, Bldg T, Suite 102 Monterey, CA office #1:831-372-3579

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