Podcast Launch – 4 types of entrepreneurs

I am very happy to release Episode 1 of the Focus Forward Business Podcast, featuring Mike Simonsen, Founder & CEO of Altos Research.

I had a great time talking with Mike about his newly developing theory on the 4 types of entrepreneurs.

I hope you enjoy it.



From Mike: 

Last week I did a podcast interview with Sturdy McKee, my colleague from the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

EO is a global network of people who have founded and built businesses. There are 12,000 of us around the world and, as a member/leader in the org, I’ve been exposed to a *ton* of brilliant people. I love to watch how and why they build their companies.

This conversation is about a framework of success and satisfaction in building companies that I’ve developed as a result of getting to know these people.

There’s intersection with my real estate clients and colleagues as well. We talk about the successes and frustrations I see in real estate entrepreneurs too.

Check it out. Would love to hear your thoughts on it!


All episodes are available here on Libsyn.

Or on iTunes here.



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