Have you ever considered the value of what you provide?
Have you ever considered the value of the outcomes you provide?
And not the DASH or Oswestry LBDQ score, but what you enable people to do, like
  • throw
  • run
  • navigate stairs
  • even stay independent in their home

Do you provide a superior service, yet are still competing with lowest bidders in your market?


What is your lowest paying contract?

Does it cover your cost? Are you trying to make it up on volume?

Is your competition the lowest bidder?

If the payers are basically working on a “lowest bidder” model, then how does a provider of a superior product or service (like you) protect their margins? How do you survive?

If you are frustrated with this model, have you ever considered setting your own price points? If so, do you have a plan for conveying the value of what you do? How do you even figure out the value of what you do?

And before your little voice gets carried away with “You can’t do that”, or “That’s impossible”, tell it to be quiet for just a few minutes while you read this article:  This Company Charges $27,000 for a Single Piece of Fruit.

Article Exerpt:

In one Tokyo store, patrons spend as much as $27,000 for a single muskmelon. They willingly pay as much as they would for a new automobile to present a very special gift to a business associate, a boss, a doctor, or even a teacher.

The $27,000 muskmelon represents the high end of an entire class of Japanese fruit gifts, which include pears (at $19 each), apples (at $25 each), and grapes (ranging from $12 per dozen to a whopping $11,000 per bunch).

By all accounts, the fruit thus sold is very high quality, grown under special conditions. However, the price this fancy fruit commands is geometrically greater than what it costs to grow, ship, and display it. The profit margins for these gift fruits must be astronomical.

Why do people pay so much money for something that costs so little to produce? 

If you want to increase your price point, or even your profit without changing your prices, check out the Profit Increase Worksheet with Consultation. Go through the exercise and we’ll follow up with how to implement a few changes to turn your business profitable or even double or triple your current profit margin. Really.  Dozens of practices have used this and done this successfully. And we’re offering a money back guarantee. So, what do you have to lose?

Profit Increase Worksheet with Consult


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  1. Great concept, but does it work when negotiating with insurance companies that have access to any number of clinics that will just accept what they are willing to pay? Oh, how I wish! Didn’t we try that a few years ago with BX?

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