“Purpose-Driven Companies Evolve Faster Than Others”

Caterina Bulgarella’s article made me think. Like really think! And it was some really good fuel for self reflection, as well.

Too many times we settle for a “Linear Purpose”, even if we have done the work and use our Core Purpose in our decision making processes in our business. But a “Linear Purpose” is not  a very inspiring purpose. 

I feel like I have a good version (for now anyway) for my Business Coaching business. It is “To help entrepreneurs make the world a better place.” Helping them succeed financially is part of that. Increasing margins for their lives is also part of that, meaning not only money, but time and happiness, as well. Maybe it could use an update to reflect these thoughts, but I feel like I’m on the right track. 

But, I have more work to do on my physical therapy company’s core purpose. Looking at it, it is bit too generic and broad, and maybe a bit too linear as well. To begin this reworking of the purpose, I shared this article with all of the team members there. We will be following up with a series of discussions and reviews/updates at our next Quarterly Strategy Day. 

I hope you find this article useful, helpful, and thought provoking. You may wish to read it when you have some quiet time to really go deep and have a little time to think afterwards. 

Purpose-Driven Companies Evolve Faster Than Others

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