I help business owners achieve extraordinary results by focusing forward on their futures through the Focus Forward Programs.

The Focus Forward Programs Overview:

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The Functional-MBA is the DIY version of the Focus Forward Programs. The Functional-MBA includes the 12 Focus Forward Pillars that are designed to be taken on, one each month, to thoroughly learn the material and implement the Pillar in your business. 

Training includes online lessons with quizzes, videos, workbooks, and templates for you to use and adapt in order to make it easy to apply the lessons and processes to your business. 

Learn more about The Functional-MBA and the 12 Focus Forward Pillars here

The Delphi Network Program is focused on implementation and community. It includes all of the content in the Functional-MBA, and more. You get an advanced level of guidance and access to people enrolled at the same level. We meet 1 on 1 each month to address your challenges and ensure that you are able to implement the best practices that you learn in your business’s context. 

Implementation is where the rubber meets the road. If reading the book was enough, we would all be champions. It takes practice, coaching, and guidance to get it right. 

This program will provide the guidance and direction you and your team need to make the most of the content. In addition to our 1 on 1 meeting, you are invited to join the monthly group call with others in the Delphi Network program.

This program allows you to add 2 two key members of your team to connect with the same group of motivated business owners and key employees, and includes a quarterly professional development training program.

Learn more about The Delphi Network Program, the 12 Focus Forward Pillars, the 5 Advanced Pillars and the Professional Development Programs for your team here.

Oracle Elite Coaching is for those who want to get it done on their timeline and in their order. This intensive 1 on 1 coaching program provides you with more than triple the coaching and training time each month, and allows you to prioritize the modules in the order you want. 

Oracle Elite Coaching includes all of the benefits and content of The Delphi Network Program and more. If you want more, this program may be for you. 

Learn more about Oracle Elite Coaching here.