The 12 Focus Forward Pillars

  • Playbook!
  • Vision of Meaning
  • Profit-First Budget!
  • Your Target Customer
  • How Not to Be a Penguin
  • Reimagining Your Business for the Future
  • Manage the Right Things
  • Track the Right Things
  • Sales & Marketing Processes
  • Strategy & Alignment
  • Building a Championship Team
  • Recruiting and Hiring Championship Players

A little more about the first of the 12 Focus Forward Pillars:

  • You need (and want) a Playbook! – We start you on the journey to organize and prioritize the processes that will free up more of your time and lead to consistency in your business. Many of your Plays already exist. Documenting and sharing them is the first step to your freedom.
  • Your Vision of Meaning – You will go deep in thought and action to develop your three-part Vision of Meaning to inspire your team, your customers, and yourself. You will implement and use your Vision of Meaning in your strategic planning, management, guidance, decision making, recruiting, hiring, and marketing, to name but a few of the processes in your business. Your Vision of Meaning will come alive in your business and help drive you to success.
  • Your Profit-First Budget – You will learn and prepare a simple, straight-forward budget with three buckets, beginning with your desired profit. We keep it simple and focused so that you will be able to set targets to determine the health of your business and what areas need attention. You will also learn and apply the adage that there are no expenses in business, only investments! And you will ensure that everything you spend in your business gets you a great return.