The 2 Most Impactful Things You Can Do Running a Business with Employees

Do you know the 2 most impactful things you can do running a business with employees?

I had the opportunity to share these 2 things in Atlanta in January and the feedback was tremendous. I was blown away. Especially since I had just thrown together the talk!

It was the night before I was to present in front of over 100 business owners. I was feeling restless, as I had for the previous 3 days. Something was brewing.

So, I decided to totally scrap the talk I had previously prepared. I started working on my new talk right then. I stayed up late, and I woke up early the next morning and went to get breakfast and worked on my new presentation. I then went to Starbucks and kept working because I figured I couldn’t keep sitting in that restaurant with my laptop. I was running so close to the time that the organizer called and asked if I was coming! I arrived at the event with about 15 minutes left to look at the room, get mic’d up, and set up my laptop.

I then got on stage and shared these 2 things, the 2 most impactful things I have learned in running a business with employees. Namely, how to generate a profit without any additional customers, and how to keep it there. Crazy, huh?

You can do these 2 things with no additional expenses and there is no additional marketing required. And these 2 things are not overly complicated.

You can start doing them today and this week.

But that does not mean no effort is required. It is going to take work. If you are not afraid of hard work, keep reading.

After the talk the coolest thing happened. After the presentation a line formed. People wanted to talk to me in greater numbers than any other presentation I had ever given, even to crowds 4-5 times the size! People asked for more information and were effusive with their compliments. It was really, really cool.

So, I made this video to give you insight into these 2 things.

I hope it gives you a way forward to more profit, and better yet, a way to sustain it.

If you have a business with employees, please take a few minutes and give it a go. And let me know what you think. I hope you find this video valuable for you and your business.



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