The Delphi Network - Wisdom Sharing Community

Why “Delphi”?

Delphi is the ancient sanctuary that grew rich as the seat of Pythia, the Oracle who was consulted about important decisions throughout the ancient classical world. We are creating a virtual Delphi for you to come to so that you can consult and learn from others to make important decisions about your business and your future.

The Delphi Network is made up of 3 foundational components:

Best Practices



Best Practices

Most business owners are great at what they do, at least the technical part of what they do. Afterall, that’s probably a big part of why you struck out on your own. But while I bet you are really good at your core, technical strength, where do owners get the training to run and grow an actual business? In school?

If you scoffed at that, school teaching you the critical skills necessary to run and grow an actual business, then you know that Strategic skills and Management skills are things most business owners do not learn in school or bring to their first business. These Strategic and Management skills are things you have to learn through the school of hard knocks, or piece together from multiple conferences, books, masterminds, and more. And there is always more to learn.

But many of these lessons have already been learned and shared by other business owners, researchers, and business teachers. This is where the 12 Focus Forward Pillars come in. These 12 monthly training modules give you the knowledge you didn’t get in school. 

In The Delphi Network Wisdom Sharing Community, you will learn Managerial and Strategic Best Practices (that already exist) to help you succeed in your business. Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from the great examples of those who have come before you?

These Best Practices are delivered in a straight-forward, digestible, and implementable format, piece by piece with the prioritization and sequencing done for you through the 12 Focus Forward Pillars. No more “which of these 87 ideas should I work on first?”. No more chasing your tail and every new, shiny object. No more getting off track and not being sure where and how to get back on track. You will know what to focus on and what to do next.


Implementation is where the rubber meets the road!

If reading the book was enough, everyone would be a champion.

But reading the book is not enough! Learning a thing is not enough. Implementation is key! Knowing a thing is not sufficient. Doing a thing, and doing it well, should be your goal.

Best Practices are not all plug and play. The 12 Focus Forward Pillars need to be adapted to your business and your context. Again, Implementation… 

And your people need to adopt these Best Practices, processes, and systems that are key to your business’s success. Implementation… 

You will need to customize and manage the adoption of these Best Practices in your business to make sure they gain traction and become your new normal. Implementation…

Implementation, including applying what you learn from the wisdom of the community, is where it all comes together. It is the doing, the implementation, that gets you the results that you want.


Support, Sharing, and Learning from each other – Belonging to a group of like-minded owners with vast and varied experiences will help you see things in a new light and from perspectives that you may not have previously considered. 

And if you ever feel isolated and alone, as if you are the only one experiencing and dealing with the trials and challenges you face each day, you are not alone. Others are experiencing, or have experienced, the same things. We often just don’t have a community to share these things with.

As a trainer, coach, and advisor I get to see “behind the curtain” in a variety of businesses every day, and I am extremely confident telling you that you are not alone! You face the same challenges other business owners face, many of which I have faced personally as well. But if you do not have a great network to share and learn, you may feel like you are alone in facing these challenges, frustrations, and even the successes that being in business brings every day.

Learn, share, brag, vent, and glean wisdom, while building friendships with people who get you. This is the strength of Community.

As a member of the Delphi Network you get everything in the Functional-MBA Program and as noted above including: 

All 12 Focus Forward Pillars, plus 5 Focus Forward Bonus Pillars, plus additional exclusive trainings and presentations on emerging topics and Best Practices from Experts and Thought Leaders.


Planning for the new normal – Training to help you re-envision and plan for your business to survive and thrive in the new normal that is upon us.

Quarterly professional development and leadership training for yourself and your key employees.

A Free Billing Health Assessment (for rehab business owners) with guidance on how to improve your cash flow.

Free enrollment in “The Classes Class”where you will learn to create new revenue streams, improve patient and customer engagement and retention, and be able to do this both online and in person. Oh, and you will learn to sell them before you even build them to ensure “product-market fit” prior to doing the bulk of the work!

Free enrollment in the course “How to Recruit and Hire A-Players” to get your key employees on the same page and build the team you’ve always wanted and who will help take your business to the next level.

And other Discounts and Offers exclusively for Delphi Network members.

Where do we begin?

We start with Pillar 1 – Your Playbook! 

You will begin with Pillar 1, building your Company’s Playbook and adding repeatable processes to provide guidance and direction to your team both now and in the future. This is where the work you do in the trainings and the workbooks lives and grows to provide a stable foundation for your business and everyone in it.


You will then proceed through the remaining 11 Focus Forward Pillars and the 5 Focus Forward Bonus Pillars at your pace, but at least one per month. 

We meet 1-on-1 for your Business Coaching sessions every month to address your current challenges while adapting the Best Practices from the 12 Focus Forward Pillars to your situation, your business, and your context. Your adapted and customized versions allow for better adoption and implementation, making them your very own.

You are invited, and strongly encouraged, to attend the monthly group call with other members of the Delphi Network. These calls, along with the online forum, allow you to connect with other owners who have faced similar challenges and share in your vision. Sharing with this small, exclusive group of highly motivated business owners has exceptional value that you will want to experience to fully appreciate.

Professional Development for your key employees

Your key employees are invited and encouraged to participate in quarterly professional development sessions designed and delivered by experts. In small businesses, and healthcare in particular, there is little in the way of true professional development. Instead key employees learn on the job or substitute clinical or technical training for professional development. 

Using the 5 Focus Forward Levels of Development as the backbone, we bring training and development that the big corporations have figured out that works, resources that are rarely if ever made available to small businesses and their employees. 

In addition you get access for two (2) key employees** to the Focus Forward Managers Group

In this group, key employees will work on their professional and personal development to grow as leaders in your business, sharing with their peers and learning from each other. 

** Additional employees may be added to the Focus Forward Managers Group for a fee.

Delphi Network Summary

Best Practices, Implementation, and Community

  • Planning for the new normal – helping you with what the new normal will look like and how you will adapt.
  • Delphi Network Members Only Group – Connect with a small group of highly motivated owners to learn and share
  • Focus Forward Managers Group – Connect your managers, leaders, and aspiring managers with a small group of highly motivated top performers like them to learn and share
  • The 12 Focus Forward Pillars Monthly Best Practices Trainings, Workbooks, and Templates
  • Once a month 1 on 1 Coaching Session with your Business Coach and Advisor to adapt what you’ve learned in your trainings and from other owners to your business and implement your customized version
  • Once a month Facilitated Group Call for problem solving and experience sharing
  • and the 5 Focus Forward Bonus Pillars


  • Free enrollment in “The Classes Class” – How to create new revenue streams online and in person
  • Free enrollment in the “How to Recruit and Hire A-Players” course
  • Exclusive content, discounts and offers only for Delphi members from our ecosystem of strategic partners

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You will get great value for yourself and your business and learn things I wish I had known at the beginning of my business journey.

There is no long-term contract to sign or lock in. Join at the monthly rate and the only requirement is 30 days notice to cancel. Or lock in a full year for a big discount.

* Business partners may be added to the Delphi Network for only $100 per month per partner.
Additional key employees may be added to the Delphi Network (beyond the initial 2) for only $83 per month per employee.