The Myth of “Fitting In”

If you do the same things as everybody else, you will get the same things as everybody else. 
This is what “fitting in” accomplishes. 
Fitting In is average, the middle of the bell curve. 
If you’re happy with that, save yourself some time and stop reading. 
To be exceptional, you have to be out on the edges of the curve, not in the middle.
You know what they call that on the curve? Deviation
To stand out, you have to deviate. To be excellent, you have to deviate. 
Excellence, by its definition, is a form of Deviance.
I encourage you to embrace your own remarkableness, be deviant. Embrace your differences.
And you are more likely to get remarkable results.
Sound too simple?
Maybe scary?
We are conditioned to fit in. I have kids in college, high school, and middle school. There is a lot of pressure to fit in. Remember?
And it doesn’t stop there. Do you belong to a mastermind or accountability group? Do they encourage you to deviate?
How about a conference? How are you supposed to dress? What are you supposed to talk about? Has anyone asked what presentation(s) you’re planning to attend? Are you able to tell who’s going to the conference at baggage claim by the way they’re dressed?
If you want to stand out, you’re going to have to resist the urge to fit in. 
You are unique. Your uniqueness is why you have patients and customers coming back to you. You offer something different. There is something special about you, your team, and how you do things. What is that?
If you’re not exactly sure how you are different, and even if you are, ask your ideal patients or customers. 
Don’t ask everybody. Go to those people who you and your team love working with. The ones who rave about you, spread the word, and send you new patients and customers. They see something in you and your business that is compellingly different. And they will tell you. You just have to ask. 
Ask several. And take notes. Look for trends and patterns in what they tell you.
Then take that and package it up so you can share it with others who don’t yet know you or haven’t bought from you.
Here’s an example.
My clients say things like:
“You opened my eyes.”
“He listens with a broad scope of experience, as a successful entrepreneur.”
“He provides both pragmatic and insightful recommendations.”
“You helped me double my profit in 1 year.”
“He has a systematic and comprehensive approach to building and supporting the growth of my business.”
“I feel supported.”
What are the patterns? How could that all be condensed into a Brand Promise or Unique Value Proposition?
Do that for your business. Come up with a concise statement that will let others know what your current ideal customers see in you. Then share it. Share it on your website, on your blog, on social media, email it to your list, post it, and tell anyone who will listen.
It won’t appeal to everyone. It’s not supposed to.
It will appeal to the right people, the ones who could use a bit of what makes you special. 
Embrace your uniqueness. Don’t hide it. Don’t try to fit in. 
Strive to be remarkable.
Give it a try and let me know how it goes.
For more stuff like this, check out my blog and my latest project
And make sure to share this with someone who could use it.

Here’s the ChatGPT version when I shared this article and asked it to write on the same topic. 
What do you think?

Which do you prefer?


The Power of Being Unique

In today’s society, we are often taught to blend in and conform to the norm. We are told that fitting in is the key to success and that standing out is something to be avoided. However, what if we were to look at things differently? What if being different was not only acceptable, but powerful?

The truth is, true success comes from standing out, not fitting in. When we embrace our uniqueness, we are able to create something truly remarkable. Being different allows us to connect with the right people, to be recognized for our talents, and to achieve better results.

One of the biggest misconceptions about embracing our uniqueness is that it is not practical. We are told that we need to blend in to be successful, but this is simply not true. Being unique is not only practical, but it is also necessary to truly excel. When we are unique, we are able to stand out and be recognized for our talents and abilities.

Another misconception is that embracing our uniqueness is scary. Many of us are afraid of standing out because we fear rejection or ridicule. However, this is not something to be feared. Being different is not a weakness, it is a strength. And when we embrace our uniqueness, we are able to connect with others who share our passions and talents.

So how can we embrace our uniqueness and strive for excellence? The first step is to recognize our own talents and passions. Ask yourself, what makes you different? What are you truly passionate about? Once you have identified these things, it is important to share them with others. Share your talents and passions with the world and be proud of who you are.

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