The Opposite of Remarkable is Very Good 

Cover of Purple Cow book

Reading Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow, near the end I got to this phrase. The opposite of “remarkable:” is very good.

He explains that when an airline does everything right, they were very good. And that’s just what was expected. 

We think of our businesses as very good and think we’re doing very well. The problem is that if you are not “remarkable” you are essentially invisible. Very good is invisible.

To be “remarkable” is to be worthy of remark. That means someone will talk about you. Say good things, hopefully. Or maybe that airline blew it and was an hour late, lost the luggage, spilled coffee on your lap, or the toilet overflowed. Also, all remarkable. Just not for the right reasons. 

So, how do you achieve “remarkability” for the right reasons? You do it intentionally. 

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