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Horses or Tanks: The Power of Focusing on Your Future – Aug 12, 6 PM

During this 2-hour live presentation, we will talk about the importance of focusing on the future for your business.

Business owners can get caught in the past and forget to plan for their future. Companies like Kodak, Sears, and Blackberry are cases in point because they did not adapt and focus forward.

Our environment has changed and continues to change rapidly forcing us to adapt or follow in the footsteps of Kodak and Sears.

During the talk Sturdy will share:
– cautionary tales of companies that did not adapt to their changing environments
– the trends that are currently and rapidly changing our world
– the 5 Levels of Focus Forward Development
– three next steps to take now
– the 12 Focus Forward Pillars to shore up your business and re-envision it for the future
– the 5 Advanced Pillars for advanced business training and development

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The Power of a Playbook – Aug 20

August 20, 6-7 PM Pacific

Most sports teams have two things that allow them to function better than most businesses, a Playbook and they Practice. 

Have you ever felt pulled in all directions? Do you have too much work to do? Do you find yourself distracted at home and when you are away from the office? Are people interrupting you during your day, between patients, or on your way out the door to ask what to do about something?

All of this can be reduced, if not eliminated, by creating a real Playbook for your business.

Sturdy McKee, Business Trainer and Coach, will spend 45-60 minutes guiding you through the beginning stages of how to get your business’s “plays” (aka processes) out of your head and into a format that can be shared with all the relevant players on your team. And you be on your way to organizing and building out your Playbook to make the day to day operation of your company smoother and less demanding on you.

Warning! This session will be interactive.

I hope to see you there!

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The Future of Business in PT Half-Day Summit – Aug 28

Join us on August 28 for a half day Summit on the Future of Business in the Physical Therapy World. Learn from experts and explore how your small business can adapt to the new normal.

Google has extended their WFH order through July of 2021. Sports have been suspended in many places through the end of 2020 and beyond. Re-openings are being rolled back throughout the country. And experts are predicting a minimum of one year from now before the pandemic possibly is under control.

Decades of change have just been squeezed into the next few months and years. Technology adoption and adaptions to allow businesses to survive has accelerated dramatically and people’s behaviors are changing around the way they do business and their comfort with prolonged, face to face interactions.

How will your business adapt? What are you doing to embrace the future and re-envision how you serve your patients and customers?

Companies that have resisted adapting to a changing environment are cautionary tales for us now. Leaders of Blackberry, Blockbuster, Sears, Kodak, and others thought they were mitigating risk by preserving the status quo amid a changing environment. Tragically, by not adapting they put their companies at greater risk and paid the price.

It is time to re-envision your future. To create prosperity and stability in an uncertain world. Come learn from forward-thinking experts who will help you to achieve new perspectives and re-envision what your business might look like to survive, adapt, and thrive in the years ahead.

August 28, 2020 – 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Pacific Time (The US and Canada)
12 – 4 Eastern

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