4 Tips to to Make Your Vacation More Vacation-like

I posted this video on Facebook and got a great question back from Travis Robbins, owner of Robbins Rehab in Pennsylvania. It was about balancing work while on vacation, and having an actual vacation.

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Posted by sturdymckee.com on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Here are some (imperfect) thoughts on how to make your vacation more vacation-like.  At least these are some of what I try to do.

Schedule Time: We’ve just been in Hawaii for 19 days. It would be hard to unplug for that amount of time and still take care of my clients and businesses. I scheduled 4 devoted work days. Doing this allowed us to be gone an extra 9 days.

Go West: Seriously. The time zone change tends to be favorable.  I get up early and get a couple things done each day before everyone else here is up. But clients, customers, patients, and our team back at home are already up and working. This allows for a little maintenance and things to get done without interrupting the family. Then we get rolling and I’m able to focus on them. And even on work days, you on the East Coast are done by 12 or 1 Hawaii time. West coasters are wrapping up around 2pm Hawaii time. There’s still a lot of daylight left…

Be Present: Focus on the thing you’re doing. Whether it’s work, family, the turtles, fish, a drive, or the sunset, clear your mind and enjoy what’s happening now. It won’t happen again. Don’t miss it.

Be Deliberate: Choose the interruptions. There will be interruptions. But which ones are important enough to take on and what can wait?

Another option to unplug and get away is to go to a place without cell coverage or internet and create a self-imposed “unplugging”. Notebooks are allowed to capture that epiphany that hits you at the strangest time. The Boundary Waters is one good place for that. A sailboat is another.

If you’ve got a great suggestion, please comment and share it below.

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