Values-Based Organizations Outperform Their Competition

What is the big deal about having Core Values and a way to incorporate them into your business?

Values-Based Organizations (VBOs) outperform their competition. It’s that simple.

“Values-based organizations produce superior financial performance,” according to the Wall Street Journal article, Values-Based Culture Pays Off for Companies, “generate more innovation and have higher levels of employee engagement and customer satisfaction, according to a report on compliance program effectiveness from ethics and compliance firm LRN.  “Specifically, our research indicates that 97% of these values-based entities demonstrate better performance than their competitors in all of the 17 countries represented in the study,” stated the report.”

Check out the full Wall Street Journal article.

And more about Core Values here.

LRN’s Program Effectiveness Report is also available for Download.

Share your Core Values and how you’ve used them in the comments below.


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