This special hidden resource is meant to be used by you to work on understanding and developing your company’s Vision. You can use some of the articles and resources to help your team understand what you are doing and why, as you develop and implement the 3 components of a Vision of Meaning. 

Good luck! And let me know if you need help. 

Vision Overview

3 Components of a Vision

Why Have a Vision?

Corporate Culture And Performance

How Values Based Cultures Outperform the Competition – WSJ

LRN’s Study referenced in the WSJ Blog Article


Core Purpose Reading & References

The Power Of Purpose-Driven – Forbes

Want A Purpose-Driven Business? Know The Difference Between Mission And Purpose -Fast Company

Core Values Resources

The All Blacks Guide to Being Successful

Core Values Done Right

Core Values – The behaviors that define your culture

For Owners: How Core Values Can Undermine Your Credibility

Hire for Fit

Automation Resources Group Core Values

Outperforming Leaders Use Core Values to Win – Cult Branding


Ideas on the Big Hairy Audacious Goal from the inventor of the BHAG, Jim Collins

The Hedgehog Concept

Does Your Company’s BHAG Connect to Your Hedgehog?