About Sturdy

My name is Sturdy McKee. I am the Senior Coach and Advisor for Sturdy Coaching. I provide business coaching for healthcare private practice and other business owners with between 2 and 200 employees. My coaching clients become the coach on the sideline of their business rather than the hardest working player on their field. 

We do this together by having you take care of the things a coach does. You choose the right players who want to be the very best in their positions, set the strategy, and decide the plays that get run in your business. 

As a business coach and instructor, I bring the practical knowledge of owning, operating and growing businesses, combined with extensive training and learning, to clients who want to improve their business operations and achieve their personal and business goals.


“What I appreciate about Sturdy is his ability to listen. He listens with a broad scope of experience, not only as a successful clinician, but also as a successful entrepreneur and experienced business coach; who provides both pragmatic and insightful recommendations. I am impressed with how he outlines the steps needed to build a successful, yet scalable practice. With Sturdy’s experience, comes a wisdom and calm that will help you establish a solid foundation for your business. Sturdy’s coaching is practical and I appreciate the real-world strategies he shares to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.”



Sturdy Teaches

Sturdy loves working with organizations to teach and train their members. He has developed workshops on a variety of business and professional development topics that will help increase profits, improve focus, and dramatically change your perspective.

As an example, Sturdy created and taught “Clinicient University” for over 3 years, a 2 day business crash course for physical therapist and occupational therapist private practice owners. Clinicient University participants realized an average increase in revenue of 8.9% in the 3 months following the course with no additional spending. Some participants realized a 20-22% increase in revenues, more than tripling their profit margins.

To learn more about Speaking, Training, and Workshops, visit our Speaking Page. You are invited to contact us with your specific needs and Sturdy will happily get back to you about your event.

Sturdy is the father of 3 wonderful children and lives in San Francisco with his wife, Kathy.

Sturdy is available to work with you and your organization in a variety of ways, including workshops, talks, training, and individual coaching for you and your business.