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Did you know that only 4% of businesses in the US generate $1 Million or more in revenue per year? Our goal is to help as many of the other 96% who want it to get there.

Welcome! I help PT Private Practice Owners grow their practices by adapting and implementing proven systems to grow and thrive in an everchanging market. 

We work together to make you a stronger manager, strategist, and coach for your team. 

Take the 3Ps™ Business Diagnostic to see where you stack up.

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The 3Ps™: People – Patients – Profits

Take the 3Ps™ Business Diagnostic for PT Private Practice Owners

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Take the 3Ps™ Business Diagnostic

Consistent effort, over time, can yield uncommon results. 

Now imagine guided, consistent, focused, above average effort... What will that do for your business?

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“I feel very fortunate to have Sturdy in my corner. Times are tough with profit margins shrinking and regulations increasing. I’ve been very impressed since day one working with Sturdy. He has a systematic and comprehensive approach to building and supporting the growth of my business.”