I started PTMatch out of a convergence of 3 things:

  • Client need
  • 1 of my Core Values
  • And to make the world a better place

Client Need: I had been teaching my coaching clients how to Recruit and Hire A-Players for about 8 years. And it was still hard and frustrating for them, especially the recruiting part. So, a done-for-you service seemed like it would fulfill a pressing need for my target customers.

Core Value: Walk the Walk
Since one of my Core Values is Walk the Walk it felt like I should be able to start and run another business while coaching business owners. After all, this is what I teach. If I apply the very same principles that I applied in my coaching and over 20 years of Private Practice ownership, I should be able to set an example and share more lessons with my clients. 

Making the World a Better Place
I’ve had jobs I didn’t like. I know the stresses it creates. And when I found out that Gallup’s Employment Engagement Survey that says 70% of American  employees (and 80% globally) are “disengaged” at work (fancy for ‘don’t like their jobs’) hadn’t changed since they started it in 1987, well that hit me. 
I started imagining a world where we flipped that, where at least 70% of people like or love their jobs. What would that world look like? Would people be happier? Would it make our day to day lives better? I even got asked by an early client if that wasn’t a bit idealistic. My answer? Yes. It is a bit idealistic. But if you’re starting a business without at least a little idealism, then what are you even doing?

So, for now, we are working in the Physical Therapist space, a space I know well and hope to make an impact in. And then we’ll see what to tackle next. 

So if you’re hiring, or know someone looking for their next job in Physical Therapy, share PTMatch with them. They’ll thank you for it. 

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