Recruiting and Hiring A-Players

You have a business to run and grow, a Vision to realize, and a culture to develop and nurture. To do that you need the right people in the right seats!

A-Players —

  • generate more $$$$
  • take less time to manage
  • make customers and patients happy
  • and contribute to your team and company culture.

Are you able to consistently attract them, find them, and figure out who those A-Players are in your interview process? 

Every bad hire costs tens of thousands of dollars and are a drag on your business and your team.

And even the best processes in the world are only about 80% effective. Some people just know what to say to sneak through the interview process. 

Sturdy will share his 9 step process to hire great people and catch the ones who sneak through with your favorite group of business owners. 

Contact us to talk about Sturdy speaking to your group.

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