Frequently Asked Questions

They get a business that is easy, simple, profitable, and lasts.  We figure out what the biggest pain points are and prioritize the things that are going to get them the biggest payoff with the least amount of effort and input. To figure out where you should start, download the Business Assessment Questionnaire By the time we are finished, you will be able to answer yes to all 56 items on the list.
I work with business owners who are doing the right things and are frustrated that they are still not getting ahead, at least as fast as they want. I work with people who are do’ers, who are motivated, coachable, and getting a little impatient with their current rate of progress. They typically have between 5 and 100 employees and may be a bit stuck, or not sure what to work on next. They want to grow their business and transform themselves from the hardest working player on the field into the best Coach they can be, leading their teams to success.
I am good at making the complex simple and bringing order out of chaos. I help owners and founders cut through the bullshit and excuses that are holding back their progress. My StrengthsFinder (2.0) says my top 5 strengths are Strategic, Command, Self-Assurance, Futuristic, and Relator. And I’ve walked the walk. I am an entrepreneur who has had almost as many businesses as I have fingers, the successes and failures that go with that, and include a physical therapist private practice that grew to 6 locations and supported my family and my ongoing business education for nearly 20 years. 
I teach, mentor, coach, and guide you through the growing pains of taking your business to the next level. I bring accountability and actionable, implementable processes to help you make decisions and streamline your team’s actions so that you can do the thing you are best at, envisioning your future business and leading your people into that future. I help you make your business simpler, easier, and more profitable.

I want to make a big, positive impact. And I really enjoy working with people who see things that don’t yet exist that can make the world a better place to live.

I am driven to help people succeed and I get great satisfaction from the wins and growing independence of my clients..

My approach is to work with you to identify what will have the biggest impact for the least input and start there.

Your business is unique and wonderful, and also eminently predictable, just like a child is unique and precious, but goes through very predictable developmental stages. But that doesn’t mean you do the same things with every child, or with every business.

There is often a “best” way and a structure that has worked for others that can work for you, but each of these needs to be customized to fit your business and your particular context. We do that together, customize and adapt the “best” way to fit you, your business, your team, and your customers.

Sometimes it can feel a little like Mr. Miyagi and Daniel. But when we bring it all together, the interconnectedness of your Vision, processes, and people clicks and will enable you to truly level up your business and yourself.

Some past successes:

A client in Atlanta learned how to assess his cost per visit and then dropped multiple insurance contracts who were not meeting that cost. The next year they saw 800 fewer visits while doubling their profit.

A client in California dropped three low paying insurance contracts while seeing no drop in patient visits.

In one room of 8 entrepreneurs, over the course of 1 hour, we were able to outline plans to increase their annual expected PROFITS (not gross revenue) by $4.1M.

Helped a Practice Owner retire from treatment by implementing a revamped recruiting and hiring program so he could replace himself.

A client in Canada was able to free up her time through systems and hiring the right people so that she now goes on 2-3 week vacations and everything is still humming along when she gets back.

A client in California travelled to India for 3 weeks while sales and operations, as well as product development proceeded at pace.

1% Changes....

I’ve become increasingly obsessed with 1% changes. And I have been working with my clients, on 1% gains each month.

A 1% gain in a $1M business is $10k.

A 1% gain in a $4M business is $40k.

And 1% gain in a $10M business is $100k.

Often these 1% gains go directly to the bottom line.

We pursue these 1% gains month after month because they are cumulative and compound.

And it isn’t uncommon for these “1% gains” to turn into 2%, 3% or even 5% gains.I

f you are curious about this principle applied in a different context, you can read more about the British Cycling team’s 1% gains approach here.

Make sure to check out our new program The Best Physio Business In the World” that I built with my old business coach, Matt Fitzsimmons.


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