Frequently Asked Questions

They get help with prioritization, focus, and clarity around the foundational components of building a business that lasts. 

We figure out what the biggest pain points are and prioritize the things that are going to get them the biggest payoff with the least amount of effort and input. This could be profitability and cash flow, management structures to smooth operations, their playbook to get organized and create consistency throughout their teams and locations, or whatever is their most pressing concern. We also work on a Vision of Meaning which includes their Higher Purpose, Core Values, and BHAG in order to create the foundations for team alignment and synergy. 

By the time we are finished, they have an aligned team, a systems dependent business, a clear purpose and direction, and a repeatable process to continue to strategize and pursue their goals on their own.

I work with and help business owners with 2 to 200 employees. They are often at one of the (very predictable) sticking points of a business’s development, namely around 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or 200 employees.

They want to grow or make their business less dependent upon them as an individual, either for their own sanity and freedom or to prepare for an exit.

I am good at making the complex simple and bringing order out of chaos. I help owners and founders cut through the bullshit and excuses that are holding back their progress. 

I’ve also walked the walk. I am an entrepreneur who has had personal successes and failures, including a 6 location physical therapist private practice business that supported my family and me for 20 years. And then there are the many lessons from the failed businesses…

I teach, mentor, coach, and hold your hand through the growing pains of taking your business to the next level. I bring accountability and actionable, implementable processes to help you make decisions and streamline your team’s actions so that you can do the thing you are best at, envisioning your future business and leading your people into that future.

I love helping business owners, and by extension the people that they serve, their teams and their customers. I am driven to help people succeed and I get great satisfaction from the wins and independence of my clients

My approach is both structured and a little free form. Just like a child is unique and precious, but goes through very predictable developmental stages, so does your business. Your business is unique and wonderful, and also eminently predictable. 

So, I bring simplified, clear, and implementable best practices to make running your business easier, more straightforward, and ultimately less dependent on your constant presence. There is often a “best” way and a structure that has worked for others that can work for you, but each of these needs to be customized to fit your business and your particular context. We do that together, customize and adapt the “best” way to fit you, your business, your team, and your customers. 

Sometimes it can feel a little like Mr. Miyagi and Daniel. But when we bring it all together, the interconnectedness of your new Vision, processes, and people clicks and will enable you to truly level up your business and yourself. 

1% Changes....

I’ve become increasingly obsessed with 1% changes. And I have been working with my clients, on 1% gains each month. A 1% gain in a $1M business is $10k, a $4M business is $40k, and a $10M business is $100k, often all or most to the bottom line.

In addition to the best practices and foundational pieces that we work on and implement, we also pursue these 1% gains month after month because they are cumulative and add on to each other. And often when we focus on a 1% gain it turns into a 2-3% or even 5% gain.If you are curious about this principle applied in a different context, you can read more about the British Cycling team’s 1% gains approach here.

What else do I do?

I have a book and program coming out “The Best Physio Business In the World”, with Matt Fitzsimmons.


We will be offering the Million Dollar Implementation Program to people who have bought the book and are working to implement it.

Keeping with my Core Value of “Walk the Walk”, I do all of the things that I teach. I “eat my own dog food”, so to speak.

Following is my Vision of Meaning with the three components Higher Purpose, Core Values, and Big Ambitious Goal. This is one of the foundational pieces I work on with clients.

Higher Purpose: I help entrepreneurs make the world a better place.

Core Values: 

  • Keep all promises.
  • Walk the walk.
  • Be curious.
  • Value character.
  • Stay frugal.

BHAG: Help 1 Million entrepreneurs and business owners make the world a better place (by 2025).

Some past successes:

I helped a Client in Atlanta recognize his cost per visit and drop multiple insurance companies who were not meeting that cost. It cost him 800 visits but he doubled his profit margin and made more money.

In one room of only 8 entrepreneurs, we were able to outline plans to increase their PROFITS (not gross revenue) by $4.1M.

Helped a Practice Owner retire from treatment by implementing a revamped recruiting and hiring program. 

Helped a founder free up her time through systems and hiring the right people so that she can go on 2-3 week vacations and everything is still humming along when she gets back.