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Nobody’s a Mind-Reader: the power of clarity for business leaders and entrepreneurs

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5 stars – Read this!!!! ~ John B. Spence
“I have spent the last 30 years traveling worldwide to help businesses be more successful. My expertise is in making complex things simple. Sturdy crushes me in this book. This is one of the best books I have ever read about how to run a successful business. Written in a clear and actionable way, this is something that, if you follow his suggestions, will have a dramatic positive impact on your business. This is a superb, short, and easy read that is phenomenal. I’m not just being nice to the author; I am telling you the truth. I give this my highest possible recommendation.”
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For Physical Therapist Private Practice Owners

The World’s Best Growth Planner for Physio Businesses 
  • Everything from General Edition
  • The Best Physio Business In the World
  • Specifically designed for YOUR business and YOUR Industry
  • Written by a Physical Therapist

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Book Cover of "The Best Small Business In the World"

The World’s Best Strategy and Growth Planner for Small Businesses 

  • The Book & tools to better run your business
  • Interactive sessions with the authors every 2 weeks
  • A community of your “Besties!”
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Free Shipping – Anywhere in the world

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I call these the “3 Magic Questions” because of the power they unleash in your team members and the improvement they bring to your 1 on 1 meetings. Whether your team members are coming to you with a problem, you are tracking a project’s progress, or reviewing KPIs and processes, these “3 Magic Questions” will help you achieve amazing results.

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