Stephen Peaden Case Study

Stephen Peaden, is the founder of Restore Physical Therapy in Panama City, Florida.

He shares how he figured out where his business needed to go.

He speaks about how impactful KPI’s were for his business and how he overcame the hurdle that Hurricane Michael posed. He kept his head down and worked with what he had at the time.

Stephen talks about his path to a 27% profit margin, along with the strategies he employed to build the business foundation he wanted.


Linda Boryski Case Study

Linda Boryski is the Founder of Saskatoon PhysioYoga in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Watch this case study to understand how working with Sturdy McKee helped her to use numbers to assess and manage. Built a team with great people and getting clear on Vision.


Marc Stewart Case Study

Marc Stewart is the Founder of Johns Creek Physical Therapy at Johns Creek, GA. Marc began his private practice in 2003.

Watch this case study to understand how working with Sturdy McKee helped him increase his profit and hire more A Players.

Garrett Akahoshi of Peak Physical Therapy

Garrett Akahoshi is the founder of Peak Physical Therapy in Cupertino, California.

In this interview, Garrett talks about his journey and successes, as well as a few challenges he has encountered along the way.

Watch this video to know how working with Sturdy and having a business coach gave him the clarity and structure that he needed to run his business successfully.Garret also shares the improvement in his stress levels and how his profit margins increased after working with Sturdy.

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