Do You Meet With Your Staff?

1 on 1 meetings are one of the most powerful tools I have witnessed to help you get the results you want in your business. Done well, they shift management from acting as a traffic cop, catching people doing the wrong things, to a supportive coach and mentor role, helping people be successful. 

For effective 1 on 1 meetings you need to have clear objectives for what you want out of your meetings. And then you must have an agenda that is structured to help you achieve those objectives. For a Physical Therapist it’s just like setting patient goals (objectives) and the treatment plan to get there (agenda). 

These 3 Magic Questions will help even more in positioning you to support and mentor your team. Think servant leader with a real world application. This will help you achieve that. 

Moving from gotcha to real support has profound effects on your culture, retention, and the growth of your team members. And who doesn’t want that?

Check out the 3 Magic Questions here:

And, as always, if you need help implementing this or any other changes in your business, I am here to help. Schedule a time to talk with me here.

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