Garrett Akahoshi of Peak Physical Therapy

Garrett Akahoshi is the founder of Peak Physical Therapy in Cupertino, California.

In this interview, Garrett talks about his journey and successes, as well as a few challenges he has encountered along the way.

Garrett completed his Physical Therapy degree in 2000 and started his own business in the 2006.

Having a business coach gave him the clarity and structure that he needed to run his business successfully. He speaks about what triggered him to make a change in his business and how Sturdy helped bring about that change. They discuss KPI’s and his Playbook as being two big factors that helped him markedly improve his business.

Garret also shares the improvement in his stress levels and how his profit margins increased after working with Sturdy.

To learn about the Playbook Garrett implemented in his business, visit Thinkific and check out Sturdy’s online courses at

You can schedule a time to talk with Sturdy by going here and finding a time that works for you.

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