The 12 Focus Forward Pillars Basic Program

The program that will help you deal with the Chaos Conundrum, the Cash Flow Chasm and the Petty Players on your team before you hit the Beleaguered Bottom

The 12 Focus Forward Pillars are released one each week giving you time to work through and implement each of the Pillars while running your business.

Whether you work on and implement The 12 Focus Forward Pillars one each week or one each month, you will continue to make progress and implement positive change in your business that will last for years to come.

The program includes online lessons with quizzes, videos, workbooks, and templates for you to use and adapt in order to make it easy to apply the lessons and processes to your business, as well as office hours with an open call for all participants to get their questions answered and share experiences in learning and implementation.

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The 12 Focus Forward Pillars with Flash Coaching

The enhanced program that helps you conquer the Chaos Conundrum, the Cash Flow Chasm and the Petty Players on your team before you hit the Beleaguered Bottom. You get six months of unlimited access and support.

Flash Coaching gives you on-demand access to Sturdy – for 6 months! –  to help you bring all 12 Pillars to life in your business. Open office hours provides the opportunity to connect with other owners and learn from them as well.

Flash Coaching is quick, focused calls, usually lasting about 15-20 minutes, to help you prioritize, understand better, implement more effectively, gain buy-in from your staff, and breakthrough any challenges you come upon along the way. This is a great option for clearing through the frustrations and repeating problems that plague many business owners.

The 12 Focus Forward Pillars with Flash Coaching includes all of the content in The 12 Focus Forward Pillars Standard Program and added bonuses. You get an advanced level of guidance and join an exclusive group of people who are motivated and focused like you. 

Implementation is key! All the learning in the world will not help if the Pillars are not implemented in your business. Getting personalized attention and built-in accountability through this program will ensure you make progress and keep moving forward. 

There are a very limited number of Flash Coaching spots.

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Oracle Elite Coaching is special. It is for those special people who want accelerated results and to get it done on their timeline and in their order. This intensive 1 on 1 coaching program provides you with much more coaching and training time each month, and allows you to prioritize the modules in the order you want. 

Oracle Elite Coaching includes all of the benefits and content of The 12 Focus Forward Pillars Program and more. If you want more, more attention, more focus, more accountability, and more homework, this program may be for you. 

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Speaking and Training

I love working with organizations to teach and train your team and members. I have developed workshops on a variety of business and professional development topics that can be customized to your needs and audience. Topics I help with include increasing profits, improving focus, hiring great players, creating order out of chaos, and dramatically changing your perspective.

To learn more about Speaking, Training, and Workshops, please visit our Speaking Page. You are also invited to contact me with your specific needs and I will happily get back to you about your event.



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