Get Business Coaching in the Palm of Your Hand


Business Coaching in the Palm of Your Hand

If you want your business to be simpler, easier, and more profitable, there isn’t a more convenient way.

You will get modules delivered right to your phone that are specifically designed to make your business simpler, easier, and more profitable.

Starting with why and how to create your Efficiency Playbook, you will get a new module delivered each week so you can work ON your business from literally wherever you are, anywhere in the world.

Additional modules include why and how to create your Vision of Meaning, Core Values that Work, establishing and managing a simple, straightforward Budget, Recruiting and Hiring A-Players, and much, much more.

It has never been easier and more affordable for you to learn, implement, and transform your business into what you want it to be.

All modules are curated from hundreds of business books, thousands of articles, and dozens of speeches, as well as from over 25 years of experience running and growing my own businesses and helping others.

I have strived to make it simple and easy for you.

And the price isn’t even the best part. What’s the best part?
You can securely message me right from the App.

This isn’t an online course where you’re on your own and have no real contact with the instructor. You can send me your questions and challenges. And I can help you out, right from the palm of your hand.

Sign up now and I’ll send you the App download information to get you started.

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Get Coaching in the Palm of Your Hand for <$100/month

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Coming Soon

The Best Business in the World

The Best Business in the World Program is coming soon.

We’re starting with the Small Business and Physio Editions which will launch soon on Indiegogo.

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Oracle Elite Coaching is the most intensive, and exclusive of my offerings.

It might be for you if you want guidance, unrelenting accountability, and to really invest in yourself.

This 1 on 1 coaching is for those who want accelerated results and to get it done on their timeline and in their order.

This intensive 1 on 1 coaching program with Sturdy provides you with direct coaching and training time each month, customized to you, your team, and your business. 

We work together to prioritize content in the order that will be most impactful for you, your team, and your business, and we go deeper with that content. 

Oracle Elite Coaching includes all of the benefits and content of The 12 Focus Forward Pillars Program and much, much more. If you want more, more attention, more focus, more accountability, and more homework, and more pace this program may be for you.

Up to 3 people, including your partners or leadership team can be accommodated.

All trainings, workshops, strategy days, and coaching any members of your team are included. No hidden fees. The only additional charge with this program is travel. 

To learn more about Oracle Elite Coaching schedule a call with me, Sturdy. And you won’t even have to buy me a beer. 

Speaking and Training

I love teaching and training business owners and entrepreneurs. I have presented on a variety of business and professional development topics, and I am happy to work with you to create a presentation customized to your needs. I believe that your business should be Simple, Easy, and Profitable. Everything I do is focused on making this so. 

For more on my Speaking, Training, and Workshops, including the topics I am passionate about right now, please visit my Speaking Page. Or you can contact me directly with your specific needs. I work directly with you to make your event memorable and valuable for all who attend.  

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“Down to earth. Funny, but no nonsense. Very knowledgeable. Great session.”

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“Great presentation today Sturdy. The content was unique and new…fresh. Thank you for sharing.”



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“Thanks for sharing! Your presentation was great. Can’t wait to start weekly one on one staff meetings this Thursday!”



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After working with Sturdy… “I did around 800 fewer visits. BUT.. my profit margin almost doubled going from 7% to 13% and I made $20,000 more in revenue on fewer visits. So if you want to talk about profound, I would say that certainly qualifies!”


Founder, Johns Creek Physical Therapy