Why Should You Discover, Champion and Uphold Your Organizational Core Values?

If you’re not unique, you’re invisible.

Expressing and solidifying your organization’s unique identity is pivotal. Your identity, the cornerstone of your organizational culture, is underpinned by your Core Values. Your Core Values are more than just motivational buzzwords inscribed on plaques, displayed on office walls, or in mission statements. They act as the rudder guiding the ship of your organization. And they provide direction amidst the volatile currents of the business ocean.

The North Star of Your Decision-Making Process

While your BHAG might represent your destination, and your Higher Purpose represents why you are on this journey to begin with, your Core Values can be thought of as your North Star. They are always there helping you navigate no matter where you are bound.

Your decisions, big and small, shape the trajectory of your organization. Whether you’re hiring a new team member, investing in technology, or adopting a new business strategy, each decision you make constitutes a building block of the future. It is your organization’s Core Values that serve as the North Star in your decision-making navigation. By aligning your choices with these fundamental beliefs, you ensure that your organization remains true to its identity in every step it takes.

They Already Exist

Whether or not you’ve chosen to be explicit and declarative about your organization’s Core Values, they already exist. Your team has a set of rules and expectations for each other’s behavior. Having unspoken rules is fraught with hazards. While being explicit, articulating and declaring your Core Values, creates clarity and allows you to take control of the narrative.

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Championing a Cohesive Culture

In a diverse team, disparate personal values and motivations can lead to a lack of alignment. However, a strong set of Core Values can serve as the communal thread that binds everyone together. Your Core Values are a declaration of how every person will act when faced with choices. They determine what road they will choose to go down. They guide how your team will treat a customer or co-worker. And they will help you decide what other organizations to align with strategically. This shared understanding cultivates a sense of belonging and respect among your team members. An organization that champions a cohesive culture is an organization that flourishes.

Attracting the Right Talent

Today’s workforce, from Gen X to Gen Alpha, are seeking more than just a paycheck and being told what to do. They want more from their work. And they want to work at a place where they can be proud, proud of the organization, the leadership, and the impact they have on the world. When they search, they are looking for organizations whose values resonate with their own. Being clear about your Core Values is more likely to attract talent that shares the same ethos.

This values alignment creates an environment where employees feel understood and valued. This, in turn leads to greater engagement, higher job satisfaction, better performance, and lower turnover rates.

Winning Customer Loyalty

Just as employees are drawn to organizations that share their values, customers, too, appreciate businesses that align with their personal beliefs. In an era where people are spoilt for choice, your organization’s Core Values can be part of your unique selling proposition. This can be a big part of what sets you apart from your competition. This values-driven approach not only creates loyal customers but also turns them into brand advocates, driving organic growth.

Driving Sustainable Success

In the pursuit of success, organizations and individuals often find themselves at crossroads, facing ethical dilemmas and difficult decisions. Your fidelity to your Core Values is of the utmost importance.

Having a well-defined set of Core Values that you truly stick to helps you and your entire team navigate these challenges. By placing principles first and providing them as guard rails for decision making, your organization can not only uphold your reputation but also establish a foundation for sustainable success. While strategies and goals change, your Core Values will remain steadfast, acting as your North Star throughout your journey.

Discovering, articulating, championing, and upholding your organization’s Core Values is not a ‘nice-to-have’ but rather a strategic imperative. It guides decision-making, fosters a unified culture, attracts the right talent, wins customer loyalty, and steers the organization towards sustainable success. The most successful organizations are not those that chase success, but those that stay true to their Core Values. And in staying true, they trust that the process begets the result, not the other way around.


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