Podcast Episode 4 with Jennifer Adams Bunkers

This is Episode 4 of the Focus Forward Business Podcast, I’m in conversation with Jennifer Adams Bunkers, entrepreneur, coach and mother of 6.

Jennifer embarked on entrepreneurship after having her first child. Having also worked as a coach and consultant, Jennifer decided a decade ago that it was time to build a brand of her own that had value, and could include her children, and founded Trukid – a natural skincare range suitable for children.

As a mother, Jennifer stresses self-care and teaching independence to her kids.

Jennifer warns that the entrepreneur’s journey can be lonely, and says that joining a group of entrepreneurs can act like a support group.

“Having measurable goals, even if they are really simple ones, and writing them down, and checking back every week, is a really great way to stay on track.”

Jennifer also talks about the power of sharing. Making mistakes is a part of entrepreneurship – but when we share, we prevent another person from making the same mistake.

Listen to the podcast to learn more and find out what made her first entrepreneur boss fire Jennifer!

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